Is the twenty-seventh snapshot released for 1.13.



World generation

Coral reefs
Generate in warm ocean biomes.
Are composed of coral and coral plants
This allows coral to generate naturally



Water physics.
Water can now be placed in ender chests, trapdoors, ladders, and signs.
Water no longer goes through solid faces.
Big optimizations to how clouds are rendered.


Shulker boxes can now be undyed using a cauldron.
The water level in the cauldron will decrease by 1.

Phantoms now burn in sunlight and no longer despawn during daytime.


12 issues fixed

From released versions before 1.13

MC-7882 – Cloud corners not connected

From the 1.13 development versions

MC-125829 – Tamed wolves teleport into kelp under water
MC-125869 – A non-source water block above a non-source water block converts to a source block when horizontally adjacent to two other source blocks
MC-126096 – New water vision makes lighting flash when swimming on surface after swimming underwater
MC-126123 – Water visibility changes when near surface
MC-126297 – Lava does not always turn down to obsidian when mining magma block

From the previous development version

MC-126912 – Flowing water can create source blocks
MC-126914 – Sponge deletes waterlogged blocks
MC-126920 – Water does not flow down blocks properly
MC-126927 – Waterlogged water goes through Stairs
MC-126936 – Fishing bobber sinking as soon as it is cast
MC-126944 – Boats sink in water